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Chapter 649 – The No.1 Demonic Girl In The World! mundane rings
“What’s bad?” Grandmother expected in bafflement when she spotted Zhao Yanzi standing up however.
“Yao,” Young lady Zhen urged.
“Oh…” Zhao Yanzi went more than gradually. “My name’s Zhao Yanzi. You could phone me Zi.”
“What’s improper?” Grandma questioned in bafflement when she discovered Zhao Yanzi ranking nevertheless.
“Ok!” Xie Yujia nodded obediently and strode on the home.
Observing Hao Zhonghua look at Girl Zhen, Yue Yang pinched him in mystery.
“This is Hao Ren’s mum, Yue Yang,” Hao Zhonghua introduced them.
She directed at Duan Yao and stated, “This is Yao, Congming’s cousin. She’s our guest right now.”
“Ren! Why don’t you may ask the friends in the future to the home?” Grandma named out of interior.
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Ranking beside Lady Zhen, Duan Yao glared at Zhao Yanzi for instance a small tiger. Wearing the pretty conventional apparel, she searched lively and sweet if an individual ignored her expression.
Hao Ren froze in big surprise for a moment when he noticed it. Having said that, Hao Ren still saw a trace of hatred from Duan Yao’s eyeballs
He was amazed when Lady Zhen moved Duan Yao to his residence. However, considering the fact that Granny was existing, he didn’t want the satisfied Moon Celebration Day time being spoiled.
The green tea dinner table within the living room was loaded with snack foods. From the moment Zhen Congming resided in Hao Ren’s property, Granny had constantly been replenis.h.i.+ng the goodies in the teas desk.
“What’s wrong?” Granny inquired in bafflement when she found Zhao Yanzi ranking however.
“Zi… Arrive and meet Yao,” Hao Ren stated.
“Ren! Why don’t you may ask the family and friends into the future into the house?” Granny identified as from in.
When Girl Zhen noticed Duan Yao the first time, she ended up being considering consuming her because of her exclusive physique but acquired made a decision against it. However, right after she obtained beyond the Soul Formation Kingdom cultivators and given back on the Demon Sea, she sensed like it will be a fantastic pity if she let go of quite a woman like Duan Yao, so she traveled to 5th Paradise to get her.
“Haha. It’s my pleasure…” Girl Zhen taken care of her look together with her hand. No matter if she talked, her position and manifestation were actually very tasteful.
“Little Bright white, don’t be rude! You can’t accomplish that in our guest!” Displeased, Grandma waved her palm at Very little Bright.
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Duan Yao’s tooth enamel tiny bit in her decrease lip so hard that it checked like planned to secure her mouth.
i am no hero but i have to be one of us
Having said that, when Heavens Hill Sect directed troops to encompass Ethereal Summit and almost damaged it, Hao Ren obtained not good impact of Duan Yao at all.
If not for Hao Ren’s interaction.h.i.+p with Zhen Congming, he thought that Lady Zhen could have killed him just after taking Duan Yao to be a disciple so your latter could focus on her cultivation wholeheartedly.
“Ren! Why don’t you ask the visitors ahead in to the home?” Grandma identified as from within.
She were stop from Heavens Mountain Sect, but she still hated Hao Ren. To avenge themselves, she must grow to be powerful, which had been why she kneeled and kowtowed at Lady Zhen, acquiring her as her grasp.
Hao Ren froze in surprise for a second when he noticed it. Nonetheless, Hao Ren nevertheless spotted a trace of hatred from Duan Yao’s view
Each foes glared each and every other.
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Associated with Woman Zhen was a cute fresh lady who had been also dressed up in a bright colored conventional outfit she was Duan Yao.
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Considering her, Hao Ren exhaled gently helplessly. Of course, together unthinkable power, Young lady Zhen could remove any one at her will.
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She obtained consumed Duan Yao to travel to Hao Ren’s residence not just in accomplish her offer to Hao Ren but in addition to use Duan Yao to find out the earth.
Duan Yao glared at Hao Ren with a complicated concept in her face.
However, Hao Ren just investigated her coldly without having manifestation.
Hurriedly she discovered Xie Yujia’s smaller fretting hand and explained, “Yujia, make some teas.”
“Yao!” Lady Zhen didn’t allow it to go.
In comparison, Zhao Yanzi was putting on Xie Yujia’s pink jammies, seeking not as pretty as Duan Yao.

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